Understanding and defining your social purpose

Understanding your motivations and objectives for developing a social purpose programme will be a vital part of your success. We use workshops and stakeholder engagement activities to map out a true picture of your opportunities so you can confidently reflect your company’s value. You have the potential to contribute to stakeholders’ well-being through the power of your brand.  Your Social Purpose must reflect this accurately. Your strategic plan will achieve your goals when it’s used as a meaningful tool to develop sustainable and mutually beneficial activities.

Identification of strategic partnerships

Matching brands and valuable causes demands a deep understanding of company values, culture and motivations.  Our skill is in researching and advising organisations on the best approaches and developing the competences needed to make the relationships productive and sustainable for both parties.

Delivery of a purposeful plan

Your team knows your business better than anyone so we work with you to support your team in the deliver of your Social Purpose programme. We help you set goals, create an achievable plan, share skills and communicate your Social Purpose in line with you values. This will help build your reputation and establish Social Purpose at the heart of what you do so it is distinct and consistent.

Strategic communications and training

Our skill is in solving the communication puzzle; drawing out the values of an organisation and communicating these values in a clear and meaningful way.  In a world where information is freely available, turning Social Purpose into meaningful communications can be challenging. We use our communication skills to train your team and share best practice to support your social purpose goals.